Flippin Kaktus Is An Upcoming Action-Adventure Experience Mixed With Platformer Action

Flippin Kaktus Is An Upcoming Action-Adventure Experience Mixed With Platformer Action
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a crazy realm of 8s style platformers as Flippin Kaktus launches onto multiple platforms. This action-adventure is planning a wide release but till then it will be featured as a free demo available as part of the Steam Festival. Developers by an indie dev, this title is perfect for fans of any age and platform. This is a unique opportunity to experience an epic story with a crazy cactus.

Flippin Kaktus is planning a full release as of the end of 2020. Till then fans can try out the unique demo and understanding the beginnings of this unique journey as this small cactus heads out to save his family from a drug cartel. Meet action, mayhem, and comedy as you combine the unique assets to create this cactus themed adventure.

Bhind this is a  crazy cactus who goes on a wild adventure through the past present. After a drug cartel; becomes haunted by a living cactus they must gather their money and give back this strange plant’s foster parents.

Awakened in a nearby agave field, the hero is a small cactus who was sheltered. After a small village took it in, it learned peace and harmony needed for a long time. After a sudden raid by the Calaveras Cartel, the cactus has no choice but to get back at the evil people and crush the cartel.

Fight against a vicious drug cartel where the end justifies the means. Go into unique rage modes as you pump yourself full of tequila and go on an absolute rampage. Embrace your dark side to keep your light side in check as you make the cartel pay.

Pickups can sometimes help, but overall players must be active during combat. Strategize or test your luck as you dodge bullets, equip armor, set ambushes, and try to interact with the interactive environment needed to keep your foes happy.

This game offers endless gameplay as you finally stick it to the cartel using your unique abilities. Mix gameplay styles as you use both stealth and frontal assault in a never-ending onslaught towards the future of your foster home.

There are tons of NPCs looking for the same thing you are, revenge. Use them to try and unleash cheesy abilities as you have a unique set of friends who will help you in a jam.

There are 11 unique locations in this game each inspired by Latin American aesthetics. Enjoy retro designs mixed with modern lessons in this unique piece.