Elder Scrolls Online Is Offering A Free Trial Of ESO Plus From Now Until April 27

Elder Scrolls Online Is Offering A Free Trial Of ESO Plus From Now Until April 27
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

Everyone seems to be throwing free things at gamers in an attempt to keep us all sitting in front of our computer screens until it’s far too early in the morning, and the Elder Scrolls Online is the latest game to take advantage of our general boredom and willingness to try literally everything.

This event began on April 20, but there are still five days left in the event that allows everyone with a copy of Elder Scrolls Online to gain access to the premium service ESO Plus, a monthly subscription that gives you access to the latest and greatest that ESO has to offer. By simply opening your game and navigating to the Crown Store (the in-game microtransactions shop that fans are all too eager to mention that you can ignore) and clicking on the free trial, you can immediately opt-in to the premium version of the Elder Scrolls MMO.

To be absolutely fair, the premium version of Elder Scrolls Online does offer a couple of things that may very well strike your fancy if you plan on spending long periods of time in there.

First, you’ll get access to all of the DLC that has released for Elder Scrolls Online since its inception. This means that you can explore the Imperial City, Clockwork, Orsinium, and even Morrowind. Every city that has released in a DLC is yours to explore for the length of time that the free trial is experienced. This also includes the dungeons and quests that are limited to those DLCs, but be forewarned; you won’t have access to these areas or quests forever; get in and out before your time is up.

A crafting bag is also included that has unlimited space for all of your crafting materials; you’ll still need to fight the majority of mobs that will be scaled to your level no matter where you are, but you could spend an hour picking up six ingredients and not have to worry about your limited player inventory. Along with the crafting bag comes doubled space for your bank, but again, it will disappear after the free trial.

You’ll progress through the game slightly faster with an across-the-board 10% boost to experience and gold, along with everything else that you’ll level up (crafting, researching). You can also double your furnishings and collectibles space for player housing.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not ESO Plus is actually worth checking out, now could be your time to find out. Act sooner rather than later, however, lest the opportunity passes you by.