Details Released Regarding Upcoming The Sims 4 Community Voted Knitting Stuff Pack

Details Released Regarding Upcoming The Sims 4 Community Voted Knitting Stuff Pack
Credit: The Sims 4 Official Website

EA and Maxis have been working with The Sims 4 community to release a new Stuff Pack. Over the past few months, players have answered various surveys for the theme, outfits, and objects that will be included. Currently, fans are voting for the official name and icon.

SimGuruConor, a game designer at Maxis, recently wrote a blog post with some sneak-peeks into the upcoming community voted pack themed around knitting. SimGuruConor is also the lead designer for the upcoming Stuff Pack.

The Knitting-themed Stuff Pack will include a brand new activity for sims, as voted by the community. Sims can sit around the tv, in their favorite chair, or outside, and work on various knitting projects.

In the new pack, Sims can knit their own clothing, which will allow the entire household to wear their new creations. The community previously voted on various clothing, which will be included in the pack.

A new UI will display the clothing that will be accessible as soon as it’s knitted by a Sim. Until it’s created, the item will be locked. More colors are unlocked as the Sim knits them.

Rocking chairs are a new item added to the game. They function like normal chairs but will have a few bonuses. “We’d like Elders to have some unique gameplay with rocking chairs, so we’re including a special interaction on rocking chairs called Reminisce, where Elder Sims think back to their days of yore and recall something nice—or maybe not so nice.”

The new pack will also introduce a new online store called Plopsy, which is similar to the real online craft marketplace, Etsy. Sims can sell their creations online or buy other items from crafty Sims.

Knitting is a hobby that older children and adult Sims can do. The current game has been lacking in content for Elders, which is why knitting became a popular theme this time.

SimGuruFrost previously posted a blog post about the process of converting concept art into real objects for this upcoming Stuff Pack.

There is currently no time frame on when the new Stuff Pack will be released. The Sims 4 team recently revealed their Summer roadmap, which included new content. Sims fans may see the newest Stuff Pack in the next few months, according to the roadmap.