Shores Unknown IS A New Tactical RPG Headed For Steam Game Festival

Shores Unknown IS A New Tactical RPG Headed For Steam Game Festival
Credit: Vallynne

Shores Unknown is a new tactical RPG from Vallynne and Hitcents. The title allows players to travel across a large map and fight against raid bosses and massive armies. This unique tactical RPG presents a gridless battle system that combines traditional expectations with innovative options.

In this world, the Crown rules the land, and the Inquisition police the law. While the empire stands in a perpetual war, the Murk to the north is bordered by a haunted fog. The hero must travel through either land in pursuit of their dreams and destiny.

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Players play as the leader of a new mercenary company. After an assignment goes wrong, players must fight against the Crown and seek allies along the way. Travel into the Murk and search for truth in an unknown land full of opportunity and options.

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This tactical RPG is rendered in a low-poly aesthetic and challenges players to lead a team of mercenaries. This is a game of war so forge alliances, wage battles, and travel beyond the fog.

In core, this title is a narrative-driven adventure that changes based on the player’s decision making. As you travel into the Shores Unknown, players are presented with countless battles and adventures to be had.

Travel to a land ruled by a Crown and forced into war. This title presents a unique battle experience where players will get to assess the situation and place commands, then watch their strategy come to life as the game automate orders.

Characters can advance tons of different ways learning new skills, classes, and equipment. As they evolve, players can see their combat choice changes as each mercenary becomes a vital part of the overall team.

The title is a vibrant and large world despite its low-poly aesthetic. There are tons of locations, dozens of characters, and hidden secrets across the land just waiting to be explored. Only the brave can find every detail, so be careful when adventuring into dangerous lands.

This title is good for audiences of all ages. While it is an RPG, as long as the player can understand the tactics involved they are sure to prosper in this unique adventure.

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Shores Unknown is planning to release on Steam in February as part of the Steam Game Festival.