Dota Underlords Will Officially Release February 25th According To Valve; A New Underlord Is Also Available

Dota Underlords Will Officially Release February 25th According To Valve; A New Underlord Is Also Available
Credit: Underlords Academy via YouTube

If you enjoy strategy battlers, then you’ve probably had your eye on Dota Underlords for some time. It’s an intriguing title developed by Valve, and based on all of the trailers that have surfaced last year, it is shaping up to be a unique and engaging experience for fans.

It has been in Early Access for quite a bit now, but that time is about to end according to reports from Valve. On February 25th, this auto strategy battler will be officially out. For the first time ever, players will get to experience all of the action and features of season 1.

To celebrate this release, Valve has decided to give users a new Underlord called Enno. His attacks are based around poison, which is perfect if you like that particular set of skills. He’s just one of many Underlords you’ll be able to select when this game releases in a couple of weeks.

The Underlord options seem to be a fundamental aspect of this game. Each option has a unique set of skills that you’ll have to figure out on the battle boards. Since there is a lot of variety, you won’t have trouble finding an Underlord that fits with your specific play style.

Aside from the Underlord options, the gameplay also seems to be top notch. As you progress, you’ll get to recruit new heroes and eventually make them more powerful. For instance, they can go from one star to three. The more powerful your recruited heroes are, the better success you’ll have in the match.

Speaking of matches, the ranked matchmaking system seems like it will be a fun feature to try out when Dota Underlords’ full version releases. The stakes will be raised as you compete with other skilled players of equal rank. Keep winning and you’ll gradually climb to the top of the charts for ultimate bragging rights. You can bet users will head to this portion of the game right out of the gate to claim their spot as being elite.

There will also be private lobbies and matches in the full version. They seem perfect if you’re looking to play with a select group of friends in a more personal setting. You can even invite others to watch your battles for the ultimate spectator experiences.

All in all, Dota Underlords seems like an amazing auto strategy battler. Fans are excited to experience the full version for themselves. That wait is almost over, thankfully.