Daycare Manager Is A Strategy Sim Experience Announced For PC Fans

Daycare Manager Is A Strategy Sim Experience Announced For PC Fans
Credit: Tag of Joy

Indie developer Tag of Joy has announced their upcoming daycare-themed strategy simulation game. This unique child care title is planned to release on Steam sometime in the near future. Prepare to enter the world of childcaring in Daycare Manager.

Learn what it takes to take care of kids as you manage a school for 5-year olds. This group of young children will teach you how to multitask as you must teach, entertain, and deal with all of their problems throughout the day. For those who have never worked in education with children, this is sure to be an immediate learning experience.

In Daycare Manager, players will need to take care of a group of children. Solve daily problems, tend to their needs, and expand your business as you entertain a group of smile children. Your entire goal is to keep them happy, healthy, and educated as you try to become the most prestigious daycare center in the world.

Learn if you have what it takes to manage a group of children. Kids can be fun, silly, random, and challenging. You never know what will happen next as you watch them learn about the world around them.

These kids will want to play, but it is important that they also sleep, ear, and learn. Try and come up with a clever schedule that will distribute their time wisely and keep them happy, fed, rested, and smart all at the same time.

Enjoy unique mini-games as you conquer every challenge presented to you. Dance, cook, teach, and more as each activity quickly becomes a challenging mini-game of its own.

As your school grows you will need to hire more caretakers. The more people on your team, the easier it is for you to handle larger populations of needy and excitable children.

Use your money to purchase new rooms, get more beds, add toys, and more as you improve your daycare center slowly. While worrying about functionality, it is also important that the daycare center looks happy and pretty for its clients.

It is a tough job, but once you start to get the hang of it the next challenge can be much tougher. Not only do you have to do your job well, but you also have to try and become the best in the country. This means doing a better job than many other talented caretakers.

Still, if your up for the challenge then feel free to wishlist Daycare Manager on Steam.