Sucker Punch Reveals Release Date For Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, New Game Plus Will Be Added In Next Update

Sucker Punch Reveals Release Date For Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, New Game Plus Will Be Added In Next Update
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

Back in August, Sucker Punch Productions revealed Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a new co-op adventure mode which is inspired by Japanese mythology. The reveal trailer didn’t show much and ended with a release window of fall 2020.

On Monday, Sucker Punch finally revealed the release date for the upcoming co-op expansion, which will be free to install, saying that it’ll be included in their version 1.1 update on October 16. Below is a brief description of the Legends expansion from the official PlayStation Blog.

“As we announced in August, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a brand new, online cooperative multiplayer experience that will be a free update for all Ghost of Tsushima owners. A classic element of some of our favorite samurai films is warriors standing together, ready to fight as a team. In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, you can fight side-by-side with your friends, which is such an important part of fulfilling that samurai fantasy in a whole new way. We’re so excited to hear from everyone who teams up with their friends and jumps in.”

There will be four classes in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends for the player to choose from, each of which has their own unique traits.

  • Samurai – for players who want to run straight toward combat while sustaining their health and chopping down all surrounding enemies in quick fashion. If someone using this class feels overwhelmed, they can use an ability called Hachiman’s Fury, which is an ultimate attack that’ll slash through enemies with a flurry of strikes.
  • Hunter – for players who want to snipe at long or mid-range with their bow and arrow. With this class, players will be able to use explosive arrows to slow down groups, and when things get fierce, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack will unleash multiple arrows straight at your enemies’ heads.
  • Ronan – for players who are interested in helping their teammates by being a healer, as this class has a Breath of Izanami ultimate ability, which will revive an entire downed team. Also, this class will be able to summon a spirit dog for further assistance.
  • Assassin – for players who want to do massive damage with just one attack. With this class, players will have an ultimate ability called The Shadow Strike that will teleport you across the battlefield and directly strike your enemies.

Other updates coming to Ghost of Tsushima on October 16 include an update to the single-player campaign, a new seller called the Ghost Flower Merchant, new dyes, armor loadouts that’ll allow you to equip charms to individual sets of armor for quick swapping, and finally, the long-requested new game plus mode.

Again, all of this will be added for free on October 16. Of course, an active PlayStation Plus subscription will be required to play Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.