Ghost Of Tsushima Receives Patch Titled 1.06 To Improve Character Costumes And Clean Up Gameplay

Ghost Of Tsushima Receives Patch Titled 1.06 To Improve Character Costumes And Clean Up Gameplay
Credit: Sony

Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch’s massive feudal Japan Samurai adventure, received a sizeable patch update last week, addressing various in game issues and improving upon costumes and in-game text.

The first major change from this patch comes in the form of the Traveler’s Attire, which is one of the first outfits the player receives for Jin at the beginning of the game.

The outfit gets an enhancement in this patch, which includes additional visual and audio cues that hint at the presence of nearby collectibles. The cues in question can either augment or replace controller vibration to create a “better, more accessible experience,” according to Sucker Punch on its official website.

There was also a change made to the game’s text. The Expanded Large Text accessibility option was improved, adding additional prompts and objective text. The game’s subtitle text is particularly important if you play on one of the two game modes where all audio is switched to Japanese.

There is a regular Japanese audio with English subtitles mode and a mode that adds a black and white grainy filter to the game to give it more of an old timey samurai film appearance.

Of course, as is the case with any patch, there were a number of bug fixes thrown in there as well.

The patch addresses a bug wherein users could find a black screen that prevents progress in a number of tales. It also fixes a bug that caused users to become stuck in certain Yarikawa tales.

All of this accompanied additional bug and crash fixes that Sucker Punch did not expand upon.

The one thing that this patch does not add is a New Game Plus mode, which players desperately want. New Game Plus allows players who have completed the game to start over again with all of the levels, items, outfits, and additional unlockables they originally beat the story with.

New Game Plus has become a highly sought after feature in all modern games. Most games do not launch with a New Game Plus mode, but add it later on to the delight of fans. God of War and Spider-Man are two PlayStation 4 exclusives which eventually rolled out a New Game Plus mode after fans demanded it.

Ghost of Tsushima saw great success upon its release. The game sold a massive 2.5 million copies in its first three days, making it the highest debuting PlayStation 4 exclusive title based on a new IP. The previous record holder was Horizon Zero Dawn.