Overwatch League – Paris Eternal Reportedly Not Willing To Pay Salary Above League Minimum

Overwatch League – Paris Eternal Reportedly Not Willing To Pay Salary Above League Minimum
Credit: Overwatch League via YouTube

Terrence Tarlier, perhaps better known within the Overwatch League as his moniker ‘SoOn’, is now a free agent and actively looking for a team to play with.

The hitscan DPS player was on the Paris Eternal until roughly nine hours ago when the Frenchman posted on Twitter a rather direct message.

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Nicolas ‘NICOgdh’ Moret also made a very similar statement; the French flex DPS player was with the Paris Eternal for a total of one year. Statistically, he had a decent year on the team that managed to pull roughly 75K in prize pool last season.

Benjamin ‘BenBest’ Dieulafait, the main tank that brought a veterancy to Paris Eternals with having been in competition since mid-2016, including an Overwatch World Cup event in 2018, is also LFT at the same time; all three tweets were pushed out shortly after 0600 EST today.

Maxime ‘Zaroide’ Quesnel, a French caster for the Overwatch League, has stated on his stream that Paris Eternal is not willing to pay salaries above the league minimum wage; this is an organizational decision, and not one coming from the team’s management.

In this case, it’s Kyoung Ey ‘AVALLA’ Kim, the individual currently listed as the assistant general manager for the Paris Eternal (formerly with the Washington Justice) who is now reportedly attempting to put an entire team back together on her own. From what she has posted recently, she’s not necessarily pleased with her sudden role within the team.

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AVALLA retweeted each of the three players that are leaving the organization in apparent support to help them find a team during this tumultuous offseason time.

Maxime ‘Zaroide’ Quesnel has stated that AVALLA is currently single-handedly attempting to interview coaches for the upcoming season of Overwatch League while simultaneously also scouting new talent in lower tiers of play.

It appears, based on reports from French organizations, that the Paris Eternal is not only on the back foot concerning the upcoming 2021 season, but they’re also attempting to maintain the lowest salary possible moving forward.

Ki-hyo ‘Xzi’ Jung (hitscan DPS) is still with the team with a high market value and could be traded if the Paris Eternal are looking for a means to grab some return on investment, along with support player Brice ‘FDGod’ Monsçavoir.

Whether they actually keep them on for the upcoming season, sell them to a searching team, or end up re-signing everyone back in isn’t entirely clear at the moment.