WoW Classic Now Has The PvP Honor System, Climb The Ranks To Earn Impressive Rewards And Titles

WoW Classic Now Has The PvP Honor System, Climb The Ranks To Earn Impressive Rewards And Titles
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

The PvP Honor System is now available on World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic!

WoW Classic is rolling out content in six phases, and the PvP Honor System is part of second phase.

This system is very different than the PVP system in recent WoW expansions. Every week, individual players will have their PvP effort calculated, and their lifetime stats updated.

Gamers will earn PvP awards by getting Honorable Kills. To get an Honorable Kill, a player must face off against enemies of the opposing faction and slay them. However, players can only get an Honorable Kill if they take down someone within ten levels of them. This will ensure that level 60’s don’t farm Honorable Kills off low levels. Low levels rejoice!

Each Honorable Kill will result in Honor rewarded. So, the more kills one gets, the more honor they will obtain. As the player gets more Honorable kills, and Honor, they will climb the PvP ranks and be eligible for different items like a PvP trinket, equipment, and potions.

A quick note: if a player keeps killing the same person, the amount of Honor awarded for each kill will fall. For example, the first kill is worth 100% of Honor, second is worth 75% Honor, third is 50%, all the way down to the fifth kill and beyond which will not yield any Honor. This also applies to the killing of faction leaders.

This is known as Diminishing Returns, and it will reset every day.

There are 14 different ranks, each separated by an increase of Rating Points. After each rank up, the player will be eligible for new items. To purchase the items, gamers can head to the Officer’s Barracks in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on their faction.

The first rank for Alliance is Private, and it comes with the Privates Tabard. It requires a minimum of 15 Honorable Kills to get this first ranking.
The first rank for Horde is Scout, and it comes with the Scout Tabard. It has the same requirements as the Private ranking, 15 honorable kills.

Players will then climb the ranks, ranking up by collecting more Honor.

The top Alliance ranking is Grand Marshal, which takes 60,000 Rating Points. It unlocks an Epic weapon that the gamer can purchase.

The top Horde ranking is High Warlord, which also takes 60,000 Rating Points and produces an Epic quality weapon.

As there are Honorable Kills, there are also Dishonorable Kills. If a player kills civilian NPCs, it will negatively affect their Honor rating, and subsequently, the player’s ability to rank higher. Dishonorable Kills are updated in the lifetime statistics of the gamer right away.

Players can check out the Honor tab by pulling up the Character window, hitting “C.”

The Honor tab will show off the name, level, and guild of the character, along with their ranking. The tab also features the number of Honorable and Dishonorable kills for today, yesterday, this week, last week, and lifetime.

This is another exciting thing for WoW Classic players to enjoy, and another reason why this game won the 2019 Golden Joystick PC Game of the Year.