Overwatch League – Libero Removes All Mention Of NYXL As NYXL Posts Five Minute Montage Of DPS Player

Overwatch League – Libero Removes All Mention Of NYXL As NYXL Posts Five Minute Montage Of DPS Player
Credit: NYXL via YouTube

It seems unconscionable that the flex DPS that has been with the New York Excelsior since the inaugural season in 2018 would leave, but current musings on the state of his social media points to precisely that occurring.

Kim ‘Libero’ Hae-Seong has removed all mention of the New York Excelsior from his social media, now only hosting an email address for the storied player within the Overwatch League.

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Interestingly, the New York Excelsior official Twitter account has just posted a five-minute montage of some of the craziest plays that the player has had during his time with the team, hyping the player up in a stark contrast to Libero himself removing all mention of the team.

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It’s believed that the implication is that Libero has been traded from the NYXL: the posted email address on Libero’s Twitter still has ‘OWL’ (a common moniker for the Overwatch League) prominently placed in the front which alludes to the idea that the player is still willing to play.

Further, Kim Hae-Seong is only 21 years of age; it’s unreasonable for him to age out of the Overwatch League unless he’s eyeing the possibility of shifting over to Valorant which has slowly been gaining steam in South Korea PC cafes.

His most recent tweets are retweets, as the flex DPS player tends to do on his social media: a retweet of Mandu announcing his arrival to the Guangzhou Charge and of ArK’s retirement announcement after over four years of competitive play within Overwatch led to him lose his passion for the title.

Libero’s current social media profile on Twitter as of 1630 EST November 13, 2020

The current off-season has rendered nothing sacred; organizations are reportedly running threadbare on funds after the 2020 season plans to include homestands, allowing the organizations to recoup their investments into the league of a reported $20 million, was thwarted by the pandemic which has spoilt the best-laid plans across all industries.

Thus, it isn’t completely absurd for some teams to offer their stars towards other organizations; especially when their stars have been stuck on the bench for a period of time.

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Some are pointing towards NYXL’s penchant for keeping a deep DPS stack in their roster as to the reasoning that Libero has been benched for a bit of the most recent season, and could be feeling restless. NYXL has recently parted ways with their indomitable main tank, Mano.

If there is a transfer occurring soon, no parties have spilled the proverbial beans just yet. Libero’s profile notwithstanding, of course.