World Of Warcraft Players Can Stay Fit While Gaming If They Follow This Reddit User’s Workout Routine

World Of Warcraft Players Can Stay Fit While Gaming If They Follow This Reddit User’s Workout Routine
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Who said World of Warcraft gamers couldn’t play and stay in shape at the same time? Get the best of both worlds, progressing through the game while improving overall fitness, by following Reddit user Subgaming’s WoW workout routine!

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Getting jacked while completing quests and grinding gold, that’s what it’s all about. Subgaming has come up with different exercises to do when a gamer is doing something specific in the game.

So, let’s break it down to see how navigating through Azeroth will conquer fitness goals.

Whenever a gamer levels up, they need to do the number of push-ups equivalent to the level they hit. If a player dings 5, then they need to drop down and do five push-ups. And as their level increases, they’ll have to do more. By the time a gamer hits 100, push-ups will be child’s play.

When a player dies, they will start squatting. How many squats? They will need to do as many as the level of the mob that downed them. This may end up being a great incentive not to die, and gamers will start grinding better gear, which will elevate their character.

Time to get those washboard abs! Every time the players takes a flight path to another zone, they need to get on the ground and start doing crunches. Or, maybe taking a mount from Orgrimmar to Tanaris might be the better option?

Winning loot will bring real-life rewards as well, which is in the form of gains. How it works is if the gamer wins a need roll for a piece of gear, they will need to do jumping jacks equivalent to the amount they won by plus ten. So, if a player rolls 50 and the other rolls 40, the winning player must do 20 push-ups as they won by ten, and they added ten. Workout the body and mind with this one!

Lastly, the gamer can sculpt their triceps into diamonds by doing chair dips whenever they sell something in the Auction House. The gamer will do five dips plus one for every 25 silver they make. To break that down, if a player earns two gold from a sale, they will need to do five chair dips plus eight more. A little bit of math will workout the brain as well!

Here is the disclaimer: this workout routine is a joke. The workout creator is not a personal trainer, so that being said, maybe hit the gym instead?