Lifeline From Apex Legends Will Soon Make Her Nendoroid Debut By Good Smile Company

Lifeline From Apex Legends Will Soon Make Her Nendoroid Debut By Good Smile Company
Credit: GoodSmileCompany via Twitter

Respawn Entertainment and Good Smile Company have announced the second Nendoroid figure from Apex Legends. Soon Combat Medic Lifeline will join the tiny line of figures after the previous reveal of Wraith.

Lifeline is packaged with several accessories to bring the figure to life. A clear square stand is also included for players to recreate some of her poses from the game on a smaller scale.

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Lifeline, unfortunately, only comes with one facial expression for a standard emotion, along with her base body, which stands around 100mm in height. Most of the additional parts are for interchangeable arms, legs, and hands. The hands include “grips” to hold onto Lifeline’s weapons or to show off gestures like a peace sign.

The Nendoroid’s accessories include two Shock Sticks, an Alternator SMG, D.O.C. Heal Drone with interchangeable parts plus thruster effect parts, one shield, and one syringe from her finisher “Ajax’s Lullaby.”

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Lifeline, whose real name is Ajay Che, is a Combat Medic from the world of Psamathe. Ajay is the child of wealthy war profiteers but left her family after learning about their path. She decided to enlist in the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization that helps Frontier communities.

Since cutting off ties with her family, Ajay, now 24-years-old, has devoted her life to helping others. Ajay’s motivation to help her group led her to join the Apex Games to earn money for their humanitarian efforts.

The item that Lifeline is packaged with, the D.O.C. Heal Drone, is a “Drone of Compassion.” The drone automatically heals teammates over time. Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability includes the “Care Package.” Lifeline calls in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear that can give teammates a huge boost in battle.

Preorders for Apex Legends’ Wraith closed this September. Fans may be able to pick her up together with Lifeline since she will begin shipping in February, but it will be a few months in between their release time frames. So far, only Wraith and Lifeline have been announced, but it’s possible more Apex Legends characters will receive the Nendoroid treatment in the future.

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Those interested in adding Lifeline to their collections can preorder her now from the official Good Smile Company website or authorized retailers.

Nendoroid Lifeline is available to preorder now until January 7. She is expected to begin shipping in June 2021.