Dead By Deadlight’s Trapper Will Soon Get Terrifying Figma From Good Smile Company

Dead By Deadlight’s Trapper Will Soon Get Terrifying Figma From Good Smile Company
Credit: GoodSmileCompany via Twitter

Good Smile Company has announced the upcoming release of Dead By Daylight’s Killer The Trapper in Figma form. The Figma line is a smaller scale figure but recreates the detail of the video game character.

Previously, Good Smile released a Nendoroid of an adorable, smaller sized figure of the character. While the character was smaller, it also lacked some of the intricate detail the Figma reproduces.

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The Trapper is one of the Killers from the popular game Dead By Daylight. The character is known for his eerie mask with a sinister smile. The figure comes with both a head with the mask but also without the mask.

The figure is highly poseable. With a clear base, players can recreate many of The Trapper’s moves from the game, along with making up a few of their own. Figmas can usually stand on their own, but with a clear base, the figure can perform gravity-defying poses.

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The Trapper is packaged with optional accessories, such as a bloodstained cleaver, bear trap, and a meat hook. The plastic meat hook is equipped with a 3mm join that can hold other Figmas in place. The website for the figure has some examples of how some could recreate horrifying scenes using the hook.

The Trapper is also large enough to carry other Figma’s in his arms. This could easily recreate a scene where the Killer is preparing to hang up his prey.

The Trapped was one of three Killers that was released during Dead By Daylight’s launch. Along with The Hillbilly and The Wraith, The Trapper was one of the larger sized Killers who created various traps to hunt his prey.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Android devices. The game continues to roll out new updates and even some surprises for the community, such as detailed cosplay guides for those planning on dressing as one of the Killers for an event..

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Preorders for The Trapper are available now through Good Smile’s official store and authorized retailers until December 3. Because of the extreme detail of the figure, it will cost around 9000 Yen or around $87.

The Trapper Figma by Good Smile is scheduled to be released in September 2021.