Limited Run Games Announces Physical Collector’s Edition Of Shenmue 3

Limited Run Games Announces Physical Collector’s Edition Of Shenmue 3
Credit: Limited Edition Games Website

Limited Run Games has announced multiple physical goods for Shenmue 3 fans. The company has launched the Shenmue 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4 plus multiple vinyl soundtracks. Just like the name of the company says, the items are very limited. Fans who want to add these items to their collections will need to act fast.

Shenmue 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4 is region free. The first item of the set is the physical edition of the game on disc, including all DLC and the latest patches. Players can almost immediately begin playing once receiving the Collector’s Edition.

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Also included in the Collector’s Edition is a Welcome Card from Hotel Niaowu, Chobu-Chan and Bailu-Chan figurines, five-inch die-cast replica Sword of Seven Stars, Golden Goose VIP card, and Bailu herb map inside of a special box. The website also states that it includes a Shenmue 3 Complete Edition Commemorative Dreamcast Jewel Case that’s pending licensor approval.

There is currently no purchase limit on the set. Limited Run Games has also announced this set is not part of the Limited Run Collection, so missing it won’t compromise a full collection.

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Limited Run Games has announced multiple vinyl soundtracks. The Shenmue 3 Definitive Soundtrack Complete Collection comes in a signed or unsigned edition with 11 LPs, the Volumes 1: Bailu Village and Volume 2: Niaowu (Outer Boxes only or as individual releases), plus the Original Soundtrack Music Selection with 2 LPs. The signed edition comes with an exclusive A4-sized poster signed by Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue.

The company is also offering a Mega bundle with the complete eleven LP collection, PlayStation 4 game, complete set of trading cards, and one Limited RUn Games trading card from past or future games. Buyers are guaranteed one gold trading card from any of the included games.

Shenmue fans can also purchase the soundtrack on CD if they aren’t interested in the vinyl release or if they’ve already sold out.

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Shenmue 3 is a sequel of the Shenmue series that was brought to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Ryo Hazuki has traveled from Japan to Hong Kong using the clues he uncovered from previous games. Along the way, he meets a beautiful yet mysterious girl named Ling Shenhua, who has appeared in his dreams. Ryo learns that there’s an ancient prophecy that binds them together, causing them both to continue their journey side-by-side.

The Shenmue 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Edition doesn’t currently have a release date. After pre-orders run out, the item will begin manufacturing and will launch a few months later.