Good Smile Company Announces Nendoroid Figure Of Apex Legends’ Wraith

Good Smile Company Announces Nendoroid Figure Of Apex Legends’ Wraith
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Good Smile Company has announced the first Nendoroid figure based on Respawn‘s Apex Legends. Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith will soon join the line of popular figures in the upcoming months.

Apex Legends has inspired several pieces of merchandise since its launch, but Wraith will be the first Nendoroid. Both Good Smile Company and Apex Legends announced the news on their social media channels and some product images. The images shown aren’t the final version of the product, but usually appear very close when the item is released.

Similar to other Nendoroid products, Wraith will be packaged with several accessories and an additional faceplate. The clear plastic base allows the figure to be posed in a variety of ways since it can’t stand on its own.

Good Smile Company now has Wraith available for preorder, along with some additional information for the product. If fans miss out on the preorder, GSC often rereleases some of its most popular Nendoroids in the future.

Wraith is a playable Legend in Apex Legends. She has the power to open rifts to attack foes, but that ability comes at a price. Wraith fights to recover the memories that were lost during the time of her capture.

The Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith Nendoroid will come with two interchangeable faceplates. One is a standard expression, while the other is a “combat” expression. Additional accessories include a Kunai, a Prowler Burst PDW, and a Wingman. Wraith can also recreate her Dimensional Rift ability with an additional blue portal.

The preorder period is available now and lasts until September 2020. Fans can preorder Wraith through the Good Smile online shop or through authorized retailers. Although the company is located in Japan, there are some shipping delays out of the country due to the current COVID-19 situation. GSC does have a US-based shop for those worried about delays.

On the US-based Good Smile Company website, some fans have requested that other popular characters also receive a Nendoroid release. The company has not responded to those comments.

Apex Legends also has an official shop on its website. Fans can purchase a variety of products, from clothing, accessories, and other items like drink wear. Unfortunately, the Nendoroid is not available to preorder from this website.

Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith is scheduled to ship in February 2021.