Apex Legends New Legend Is Announced, And Other Hints And Teasers From Season 6 Trailer

Apex Legends New Legend Is Announced, And Other Hints And Teasers From Season 6 Trailer
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

A relatively surprise drop of the Season 6 trailer for Apex Legends has just gone live. There are a bunch of hints, teasers and secrets about what’s next for Respawn‘s Battle Royale as it goes into the new season, called BOOSTED. As always, the trailer has awesome music.

First up, Rampart. Rampart is the new legend arriving in Season 6. She seems to be a defensive-based character with (maybe) a placeable sentry turret (called Sheila?), defensive walls, and a knack for all things mechanical. A turret ultimate already sounds completely broken and fun as hell.

Gossip in the community was pretty certain that Rampart was going to be the next legend, although I don’t think anyone was expecting her to be announced so suddenly. Expect to find out more about her in the coming weeks before Season 6 starts August 18th.

Alongside Rampart is the small teaser of a brand new “Crafting” system. Rampart is seen working on a weapon at the end of the trailer. Will you be able to further customise weapons in-game? Maybe. You will be able to collect materials in-game and use it to upgrade your kit.

What else is exciting about the trailer? Well, Hammond robotics have built a giant rocket, and there’s only one place the rocket is going: Olympus. Whether or not this confirms rumors about a new map for Season 6 isn’t 100% certain…but it looks possible! There are definitely going to be some significant changes to World’s Edge, at least.

As well as a new map, changes to World’s Edge and a brand new legend, there’s also going to be a new weapon introduced. This is the Volt, an energy SMG from the Titanfall universe. The community has been talking about the gun for months and it’s finally arriving.

Down in the description of the trailer it also talks about ranked updates and a new battle pass. In terms of Season 6’s ranked system, this could be something to do with preparing for the launch of crossplay in Autumn this year. Better matchmaking? Let’s hope so.

A new Battle Pass is guaranteed with the start of a new season and it’ll be interesting to see whether Respawn tries anything new with this edition. Each Battle Pass, since Season 1, have followed a similar pattern.

Apex Legends Season 6 starts August 18th, and there’s likely one more Limited Time Event to enjoy in Season 5 next week to pass the time until the new season, and new legend, drop.

Oh, and one last thing – keep your eyes peeled for the potential Caustic heirloom in the Season 6 trailer.