Puzzler Game Wattam Steam Release Announced For December 18

Puzzler Game Wattam Steam Release Announced For December 18
Credit: Wattam via Steam

Wattam, the game created by Keith Takashahi, who is known for the Katamari Damacy franchise and Noby Noby Boy, will soon launch on Steam. The game was previously released as an Epic Games Store exclusive and on the PlayStation 4.

Wattam was developed by Funomena and published Annapurna Interactive. The title is all about the joys of friendship and discovery in a whimsical world. Players can enjoy all four seasons, and there is plenty to do in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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Within Wattam, there are more than 100 unlockable unique characters. They range from sushi, seashells, giant trees, and toilets. The Mayor of this world serves as the tour guide where players can dance, chase, climb, stack, float, explode, or simply hold hands.

Wattam is a game marketed for players of all games. Players can either enjoy the title alone or co-op on the same screen with friends, parents, or siblings. The title has drop-in/drop-out multiplayer so that players can jump in or out at any time.

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The game is described as “the ultimate goof-around simulation.” Players can experiment with the game’s characters to see what happens when the physics and animations are pushed to their limits.

Wattam’s gameplay consists of solving puzzles and uncovering secrets. There are several mini-games to enjoy, but no one way to complete them. Players can experiment with different ways to move forward to create comical results. The game also features supportive comments in word bubbles with lots of laughter.

One of the first games revolving around wearing the Mayor’s hat properly. Players run towards the hat and press the correct button to “Pick Up.” Once the hat is placed on the character’s head, a firework is hidden underneath, which explodes and makes the characters on-screen launch across the screen in amusing ways.

Another mini-game has players making characters hold hands in a circle and surround another character to make it grow. The game offers simple instructions but doesn’t have a time limit or health gauge so that players can take their time and experiment.

Wattam began development in 2015. The game expands upon the creator’s use of simple yet unique graphics combined with puzzle-solving. According to the Steam page, “smiles are guaranteed.”

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Wattam launches on December 18 for Steam.