CD Projekt Red Responds To Epilepsy Concerns With An Upcoming Patch And Warnings

CD Projekt Red Responds To Epilepsy Concerns With An Upcoming Patch And Warnings
Credit: CD Projekt

Yesterday, GameInformer published a fantastic article from the viewpoint of an epileptic attempting to play through the hotly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, and the results are a bit concerning.

Even if you haven’t experienced an epileptic seizure in the past, it seems like Cyberpunk 2077 could very well be the introductory experience for many, thanks to CD Projekt Red imitating a machine that is built with the entire purpose of inducing epileptic seizures.

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While a bit of flashing lights are almost expected in more modern titles as developers attempt to further immerse players with effects, there are parts of the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 that will, undoubtedly, cause seizures in people that are not expecting them. It almost seems designed that way in certain aspects.

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GameInformer broke the story, and the following day CD Projekt Red has a response ready for the article.

This should be noted that the patch CDPR is discussing doesn’t appear to be ready in time for the launch day of the anticipated title; players should absolutely continue to be on guard during gameplay lest an unfortunate event transpires during play, even if they haven’t experienced them in the past.

That being said, it appears that it could be toned down in the near future so everyone can play through the dystopic RPG without necessarily fearing for being thrown into a bit of a seizure, which is largely considered to be encroaching into ‘unfun territory’.

This being said, we are looking at a dystopic world where neon lights have been consistently and often showed, with blinding effects and more than a few pulses of the old laser disco.

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The argument has since sprawled out of control between those that are eager to not die while playing a game, and some fans actually stating that video games are too soft in the modern era. What a fun industry to be a part of.

The patch that CDPR speaks of in their tweet was not listed in the 1.02 patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077 which was published late last night – it’s not expected to reach the title until some time next week depending on the current tempo and cadence that CD Projekt Red is currently working their developers, which is frankly yet another sore point for the title.

In a few short hours, everyone will be able to deduce precisely what Cyberpunk 2077 is for them, whether it retains its buggy spaghetti that some reviewers have commented on, or whether the 1.02 patch did actually fix the title for the better in record time.