Second Extinction Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now

Second Extinction Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to take your frustrations out on dinosaurs, there have been a couple of good video game offerings. The Turok and Dino Crisis series are probably the most popular, but one game in particular looks poised to take over the pretty vacant market.

That is Second Extinction, a co-op first-person shooter where players get to unleash a storm of bullets on prehistoric dinosaurs. The game has a simple goal. Take back earth and send this latest resurgence of dinosaurs back to the stone age.

The game is currently scheduled to release October 13th, but right now, it’s currently in Early Access. There has thus been a couple of trailers featuring the dynamic and ever-changing dinosaur action.

If you’ve wondered how this game would play and the types of missions players can complete with others or solo, check it out above. The mission the players Amir, Ortega, and Jurgen are currently on in the trailer is a research and rescue mission.

The landscapes are snowy and as soon as the crew hit the ground, they’re invaded by dinosaurs. Second Extinction doesn’t seem like it will pull any punches with the threats it throws at you. That means non-stop first-person shooter action while you complete various missions. It almost has a Left 4 Dead vibe in terms of its co-0p.

A couple of minutes into the mission, the crew run into a large T-Rex. It takes a lot more firepower to take down compared to the smaller dinosaurs. A collective effort certainly comes in handy for these larger creatures. You can gather around and let the bullets fly until whatever you come across falls flat on the ground.

Once the mission is completed, the crew have to reach an extraction point and get out. This is just one of the missions in Second Extinction, but it gives fans a pretty good idea of what’s in store. The missions last pretty long if they’re like Research and Rescue.

In addition to completing a main objective, there are other smaller quests that players get to complete. There looks like plenty of content and definitely plenty of dinosaurs to take out throughout everything.

This is just a taste of what Second Extinction includes. It isn’t officially out yet, but it looks like one of the more promising shooters involving dinosaurs in some time. It’s about time someone took these beloved creatures and made them the enemy. It’s a recipe for success on paper and it looks like the developer has pulled off a lot of great elements already.