Second Extinction Is A FPS With Dinosaurs That’s Releasing On The Xbox Series X

Second Extinction Is A FPS With Dinosaurs That’s Releasing On The Xbox Series X
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Microsoft’s Inside Xbox digital event kicked off today, featuring some games coming out for the next-gen console Xbox Series X. Everyone was excited about the potential of seeing gameplay on this incredibly powerful console.

Unfortunately, a lot of the footage was in engine and doesn’t seem to a good representation of the actual graphics that the console will provide. Still, there were a lot of hidden gems that we didn’t know about previously. One that certainly stole the show was Second Extinction. It’s a first-person shooter featuring 3-person co-op and dinosaurs. If you’re getting Turok nostalgia, don’t be alarmed. It sounds like a similar recipe.

It has been quite a while since the Turok series debuted on the Nintendo 64 those many years ago. At the time, it was beloved for its hardcore combat action. Seeing a similar title debut on the Xbox Series X sounds like a recipe for success. And based on the trailer, Second Extinction seems like a mighty good time.

Right away, the graphics stand out. They definitely seem like something you would see on a next-gen console, which is great because many have wondered just how much games can be upgraded aesthetically. We’ve gotten a lot of empty promises in the past, but this time, it seems like the Xbox Series X could be the system that changes console gaming forever.

The trailer shows some of the environments that players will have the pleasure of moving through, featuring rich detail. Even atmospheric elements like fog and snow seem hyper-realistic in a way that we haven’t quite seen on consoles yet. So far, so good. A couple of minutes go by and we’re thrown into our first dinosaur encounter.

Most of them seem like variants of the velociraptor, but they’re pretty terrifying to be honest. As to be expected, they’re fast and they pack a mean bite. Fortunately, the developer Systematic Reaction hasn’t left you out to dry. According to the trailer, you’ll have a bevvy of weapons to mow the carnivorous beasts down that now walk the planet.

The trailer then highlights the co-op design where players team up using different weapons together. They take out hordes of dinosaurs like zombies in the Left 4 Dead series. It’s a little early, but Second Extinction seems like a compelling title for the Xbox Series X that should get a lot of dinosaur enthusiasts excited about the potential of this console.