Nintendo Blocks Their Soundtracks Being Played On YouTube In The Newest Consumer Battle

Nintendo Blocks Their Soundtracks Being Played On YouTube In The Newest Consumer Battle
Credit: Watermelon Movies via YouTube

When you consider Nintendo, it’s admittedly difficult to squash the fondness built upon levels of nostalgia when times were simpler and games needed a bit of blowing before the cartridges would properly work.

Whether you started your journey on the Atari, the NES, or even something more modern, Nintendo still has that staying power: where else can you play as a plumber that never fixes a pipe, or as a young adventurer saving a kingdom while only grunting with the occasional battle cry?

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This makes the current battle that Nintendo appears to be fighting directly with their communities all the stranger, as it seems that the company is beyond outdated as the most recent battle seems to be picked against YouTube and content creators that have soundtracks playing within their videos.

Ostensibly, having the YouTube video that happens to play music while the game is being played is fine, but simply the music on its own is not.

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This means that, for any fans of Nintendo’s sweeping orchestral scores that walk in tandem with player and plot into rousing conclusions, you’re roughly out of luck unless purchasing a couple dozen hard-to-find OSTs sounds like a good way to spend the next week of your life, along with figuring out what technology is still laying around that can play a CD.

It frankly smacks of the recent battle between Nintendo and the Smash community that ended up spilling into Splatoon, as users are becoming infinitely more frustrated with Nintendo seemingly intent on blocking any form of content that they cannot readily profit from directly.

This has been an ongoing struggle with Nintendo that stretches well into 2018, where Nintendo wasn’t pleased with YouTube creators simply playing their titles without ‘creative input and commentary’ that would allow users to vicariously enjoy the titles the Japanese corporation offers without needing to dive into the console themselves.

Some long-time fans have begun wondering precisely what is occurring within the Japanese headquarters of Nintendo; multiple events have transpired recently that are easily paintable as anti-consumer, and Nintendo has offered absolutely nothing publically regarding any of the frustrating events that has multiple communities wondering what they’re supposed to do now.

The Etika joycons were canceled, the controllers that were intended to celebrate a long-standing and respected member of the Nintendo community that has recently passed away, a Splatoon2 tourney was canceled, a Smash event was waylaid due to the community not playing in person, and now even the most ardent admirers of the fabled entertainment company are beginning to suspect that something strange is occurring.

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Team YouTube stepped into the Twitter thread and stated that they were going to take a closer look at this incident three hours prior to publication, which is where this currently stands; here’s hoping YouTube can actually manage to not hurt themselves on this task.