Conarium Is Headed To Nintendo Switch In Europe With Pre-Orders Open In North America

Conarium Is Headed To Nintendo Switch In Europe With Pre-Orders Open In North America
Credit: Steam XO

From indie publisher Iceberg Interactive and indie developer, Zoetrope Interactive comes a unique Lovecraftian themed horror title. After having a successful life on PC, the game is now branching to the ever portable audience on the Nintendo Switch. Conarium will be launching onto the Nintendo Eshop for Europe right now, but North American audiences are still left in the pre-order phase.

The game is also offering a 15% discount to its $19.99 price tag for anyone who pre-orders the title before February 4th. This is a great way to get an interesting horror experience on the go that looks beautiful on Nintendo Switch hardware.

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This title is the story of four scientists who challenge the limits of nature. Inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft story, the scientist slowly unravel as dreams turn to visions and clues unlock dark secrets in their artic base. This is a horror experience for the dedicated and should not be played by faint of heart.

Players play as Frank Gilim, who awakens in a room filled with lights, noises, and more. With very little to your memory, the players must explore the artic base and regain their memory of exactly what has happened to the crew.

This atmospheric horror experience will push environmental details to guide the player through an alien sensation slowly. Everything is new yet old, strange yet familiar, and the tablet you awoke nearby holds the key to the entire experience.

This title offers a deep narrative filled with secrets, Easter Eggs, and more. Combine that with the graphics from Unreal Engine 4, and players are met with an experience unlike any other. Remember that every decision matters in this title, as players slowly work to unlock multiple endings for the game.

Originally released in 2017, this title has received a “Mostly Positive” status from over a thousand reviews. It has won several awards, and Metacritic is currently rating it at a strong 71. The gaming community has so far enjoyed this title, and they are looking forward to having it on the go.

Still, this title is best left to mature audiences. The horror themes, environmental details, and subtle narrative are designed for an adult audience.

For more information, be sure to explore the game’s Steam Page and screenshots. The developer website also offers several clues into the experience and mystery that unfolds in this game.

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Conarium is available on Steam and can be Pre-Ordered onto Nintendo Switch devices.