Headsnatchers Is Currently Free To Claim From Humble Bundle For A Limited Time

Headsnatchers Is Currently Free To Claim From Humble Bundle For A Limited Time
Credit: Iceberg Interactive via YouTube

Sometimes, Humble Bundle offers free titles; all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter that keeps you up to date on what they’re offering on their storefront.  Sometimes, right now is the mysteriously ambiguous date; Headsnatchers is now offered for free and can be claimed and added to your Steam platform library.  Granted, in exchange for opting into marketing newsletters, but it’s bound to be worth it, right?

Headsnatchers is currently priced at $14.99 on Steam, and released on November 9th, 2019.  The reviews are mostly positive, with 77% recommending the title out of 59 reviews.  Developed by studio IguanaBee and Iceberg, where the latter is responsible for titles such as Still There and Railroad Corporation, it has surprisingly few reviews.

Headnatchers is a cooperative and competitive party game, akin to Move or Die, or Stick Fight: The Game.  The party game genre is becoming ever more popular, which may be in part due to Steam’s Let’s Play Together functionality that they recently released, allowing only one owner of a title to play with their friends, without their friends needing to pick the title up.

Headsnatchers gameplay consists of brawling with everyone else, attempting to remove their heads from their bodies.  Snatching their heads, in other words.  With a wide variety of weapons, features, and 25 maps that all feature their own creative dynamics (such as monstrous tentacles reaching from the sea to slap players), it’s generally standard party-brawling fare that fans of the genre can come to expect.

The title has over one hundred heads for players to choose from in their character selection, from televisions to robotic warriors.  They also have a ‘make your own head’ editor, that seems to encourage various body parts portrayed as heads in online game modes.  I would recommend against children playing this game online due primarily to that; there are phallic look-alikes everywhere.

The Steam community seems to echo some common concerns about the title; floaty controls with your character not responding (or registering) to inputs quickly enough, a lack of maps and tutorials stymie the title that could have experienced a much brighter outlook with just a bit more polish.

For those habitually without friends, or that suffer from social anxiety, there is an entire single-player campaign that reportedly suffers from much of the same fate as the multiplayer focus.

It’s free right now, however, and you can likely find a bit of enjoyment to be squeezed from Headsnatchers as you’re waiting on your DOTA 2 game to begin.