TRANSIENT Is A New Cyberpunk Thriller In A Lovecraftian Universe

TRANSIENT Is A New Cyberpunk Thriller In A Lovecraftian Universe

From the creators of Conarium and The Darkness Within comes a brand new Lovecraftian Cyberpunk thriller. This game is in a distant, post-apocalyptic future as players entire the land of TRANSIENT. This title has launched and is available on PC via Steam.

Randolph Carter, a member of a hacker group, accidentally discovers a truth that will tear apart his own sanity. This is a mixture between Lovecraft’s existentialism and a dystopian cyberpunk reality. This title mixes both genres to create a unique and fresh story that is just waiting for the right fan to find it.

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Dive into a deep and full cyberpunk dystopian world as you investigate what is happening to you and your friends. Solve puzzles, hack systems, and explore other dimensions in a strange and unique world. Discover the truth that may very well break your sanity and understanding of the world around you.

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This is a unique blend between Lovecraft and cyberpunk that has never been seen before. Watch as the two worlds collide in a fresh yet familiar world of existence.

Travel across realities as you go from the wastes of Kor Shehr to the streets of Providence. This is a game of unforgettable truths, locations, and realities. Everything is possible when dreams can become a world of hte living.

Tieing this entire piece together is a unique yet fresh soundtrack. Watch as it hauntingly pans in and out giving each scene a unique breath of life not found in other games of this genre.

Randolph Carter is an augmented man who is perfect for this job. Using his perception implant he can investigate surroundings, scan for clues, and hack past any barriers between you and the truth of reality itself.

So prepare to enter a cosmic horror story that is perfect for the Halloween season. This is a sinister, subtle, building horror that transcends past simple jump scares and instead argues for its own twisted sense of horror.

This is a horror experience and fans should be prepared for some mature themes. Since the game’s launch, it has received mixed reviews. While graphically this title is intense, there seems to be more going on that fans simply can not grasp as of yet.

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TRANSIENT is available on Steam for only $19.99. This title comes from Stormling Studios and builds upon the foundations set by their previous titles. Prepare for a unique horror adventure that will warp reality in a dystopian way.