Observer: System Redux Is Headed To PC, Featuring Better Graphics And More Content

Observer: System Redux Is Headed To PC, Featuring Better Graphics And More Content
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Bloober Team has made a lot of great horror games over the years. Some of their more famous works include the Layers of Fear franchise and most recently Blair Witch. They’re also hard at work on a next-gen project called The Medium, which is teeming in atmosphere and looks very promising.

One of their more unique works, however, is without a doubt Observer. Debuting in 2017, this psychological horror game with cyberpunk themes was received well at launch.

It has a pretty unique concept in the horror space. Players get to become an Observer, a new type of neural police. They’re tasked with hacking into the minds of the insane, which as you might imagine, makes for a very psychologically gripping and thrilling experience.

Observer has been praised for its terrifying beauty and its dramatic narratives. If you enjoyed this game, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s about to get even better. Observer: System Redux is a definitive version of the game that is officially coming to PC around holiday 2020.

This is great news. The upgraded version had previously been confirmed for consoles, and many have been waiting in suspense for a PC announcement. It’s finally here, along with a new trailer that comes straight from gamescom 2020.

We see some of the next-gen graphics firsthand, featuring better specs and sharper details. Observer was already a beautiful game that marries sci-fi and horror better than most, so the fact that the developer is doubling down on the visuals is very appetizing in theory.

Now there will be HDR and ray tracing. Oh and this upgraded version isn’t just adding better visuals and performance. There will be new content as well. Specifically, three new cases will be available for players to dive deep into. They each have new secrets to unlock.

Based on some of the visuals and story elements from the new trailer, it looks like players are in store for another wild ride. Throughout their investigations, they’ll discover new details that shape what they already thought about the base game.

If you’ve been a fan of Observer since its release, this Redux version is worth praising. The developer is taking it upon themselves to deliver an even better experience that could make this game go down as an all-time great, if you don’t consider it to be already.

And players experiencing it on PC for the first time are in store for something truly special and bizarre.