A New Trailer For Blair Witch The Video Game Just Came Out; Features A 4K Stroll In The Woods

A New Trailer For Blair Witch The Video Game Just Came Out; Features A 4K Stroll In The Woods
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

In terms of scary movies, The Blair Witch Project certainly left its mark. It had a tremendous impact on the genre overall, even still to this day. It was only a matter of time before an official video game would surface. That time is almost here as The Blair Witch is officially in development at this current moment.

The first trailer surfaced at this year’s E3. It was certainly a surprise for many in attendance. Not a lot of promotion was put out before this release, which is always exciting in terms of the mystery factor. Those wondering what scare-factor this game will have can rest easy, as a recent trailer has surfaced on the Game Clips and Tips YouTube channel. It shows off a 4K walk through a mysterious and eerily quite forest.

The tones certainly are foreboding. The doom and gloom vibe are enhanced even more with the score playing in the background. In the trailer, we see various sections of the forest. Certain parts showcase really dark and even muted color tones. It’s clear that something isn’t right with this forest, as if it has some sort of curse.

If you’ve watched any of The Blair Witch movies, you’re already familiar with the sort of witchcraft at play. It seems heavily injected into this game. The trailer gets really creepy when it pans over to a tree filled with miniature stick figures. They represent some sort of cult movement. It’s clear a witch or witches have practiced their dark magic here at some point.

The trailer finally shows an abandoned house. This probably is where a lot of the game plays out. It’s really broken down. The haunted house vibe is in full effect here as well. There are even chairs hanging from the ceiling. If this was real life, you would be heading for the exit no questions asked.

It seems like the developers are spending a lot of time putting together an atmospheric experience. It’s true to the films that have come out over the last decade. The last bits of the trailer show fingerprints and pictures hanging on a wall. There is zero dialogue or narration provided. Instead, your left to ponder what sort of nightmares await in this forest, and more importantly, the abandoned house.

The trailer concludes with information on the game’s release. It will be out at the end of August, which is only a couple of weeks away. It’s coming to the Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are now being taken as well.