First Details Of Disintegration Revealed, New Game From The Creator Of Halo

First Details Of Disintegration Revealed, New Game From The Creator Of Halo
Credit: V1 Interactive

Ever since Marcus Lehto, the creator of the iconic Halo franchise, announced that he was working on a new first-person shooter with his own studio, gamers have been itching for more details. While the game is set to make its full reveal at the upcoming Gamescom Opening Night Live celebration, some details about the project have been made available online thanks to the latest issue of EDGE magazine.

Introducing Disintegration, the first title from developer V1 Interactive. It turns out, the game was originally being developed as a spiritual successor to Bungie’s own Myth series. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Myth is a real-time strategy series that was developed in the early days of Bungie, consisting of three titles: Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and Myth III: The Wolf Age, though the latter was not developed by Bungie. All three games in the series received extremely positive reviews, with the two titles developed by Bungie being “universally acclaimed.”

However, throughout the development of Disintegration, the focus quickly shifted to a genre that Lehto knows best, the first-person shooter, while still mixing in the real-time strategy elements. Players will not play the game in typical FPS fashion, they will also be in command of a squad of NPCs, issuing commands and supporting them in combat. Lehto wants the micromanaging to be kept to a minimum, though, so controlling your allies will be a simple affair.

A few details were also given about the game’s story. The game takes place in a future version of Earth, where humans have essentially been divided after a pandemic. In order to survive, a majority of humans have taken to implanting their minds into the bodies of robots, and are now referred to as the “integrated.” Because of the division, a civil war has broken out between the natural-born humans and the integrated.

You take control of a group of the integrated humans who have struck out on their own. They have a unique goal in mind; they want to become human again. The group isn’t made up of soldiers, either. Instead, they’re just everyday people looking to survive and get away from the war, and most importantly, keep humanity alive.

No gameplay videos or images, or even an expected release date, have been revealed as of yet, but with the full reveal coming in only a matter of days, we should be seeing a lot more very soon. Keep an eye on the Gamescom Opening Night event when it goes live on August 19.