DLC For The Ascent Includes Glistening Neon Combat Firearms

DLC For The Ascent Includes Glistening Neon Combat Firearms
Credit: pcgamer

RPG with a cyberpunk theme The Ascent will soon have a substantial DLC called Cyber Heist that will give your army access to a brand-new cyberpunk arcology for more coordinated shooting and, in an entirely new twist, slashing.

The Cyber Heist DLC will give The Ascent melee weapons, such as a large blade or ax, which inevitably have lights on them because why strive if it fails to suit the style?

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A post-game mission about exploring another huge arcology metropolis controlled by the Malhorst-Gelb Group is added by The Cyber Heist, a fairly sizable DLC that I believe we used to name upgrades.

“As a freshly independent agent, how could you say no to Kira, your former boss, who has a new senior role? Explore a brand-new arcology that is held by the Malhorst-Gelb Group from outside your usual arcology.

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There’s also some cutting-edge technology out there waiting to be discovered, but you’re not the only one who has your eyes on the prize, “the unofficial summary reads.

With Andy Kelly awarding The Ascent an 84 for its powerful graphics and scenario concept, we were generally enthusiastic when it was released last year.

He was also extremely clear about how much finer The Ascent’s metropolis appeared to be than Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City.

Big firearms and fireworks in The Ascent provided the ideal diversion from a challenging 2021.

The Ascent is not one of these. Without any active service content to bind you to it after you finish the story, it is a short adventure that you may complete in under 20 hours.

You could suppose it really doesn’t stick in the memory for very long because it doesn’t need much of your focus or attention, yet here I am at the end of the year choosing it as my staff selection.

I’m still a simple man who enjoys bright lights, enormous weaponry, and ridiculous clothing despite my preference for ARPGs, and The Ascent provides me with plenty of all three.