Save People From Burning Buildings In Embr – The Uber Of Firefighting, Headed For Steam Early Access

Save People From Burning Buildings In Embr – The Uber Of Firefighting, Headed For Steam Early Access
Credit: Muse Games via Youtube

Get ready for the next evolution in the popular ride-sharing app Uber as ember – The Uber of Firefighting is released into early access. Go to a future where emergency services have been replaced with a phone app that allows anyone who needs a job to save people from burning buildings. Anyone in the city can be a firefighter, and with ember, it won’t be long before they feel the heat of the job.

Welcome to your first day on the job as people in need of help turn to embr for answers. Smash through doors, douse the fire, and help civilians in this wacky firefighting game with a wonderfully stylized appearance.

In a hyper-capitalist reality, players must do the job of emergency service firefighters. Smash windows, scale buildings, save lives, and more in this frantic fight fighting experience.

Redefine firefighting as a mobile app as the power and authority is given to random smartphone users. This is everyone’s chance to be a hero, and with one simple payment, even you can become a “Respondr.”

Answer clients call for help and bring this unusual service straight to their front door. Put out the fire, break down doors, and clear gas leaks as an official embr “Respondr” on duty. No job is too much when you work in this unusual occupation.

As a member of the Early Access program, players will shape the future of this game. Bring up to three friends with you and take on the deadliest fires in a co-op experience that will test your coordination.

As you progress through the missions, you will raise ratings from your clients. These ratings unlock even harder jobs and unlock new tools available for purchase. Using the money from your jobs, upgrade your toolbox, and show off your style with clothes and vehicles from the embr. 

With multiple routes to take each mission gives players the freedom to make their own way to the clients and rescue them. Whether you cut your way through wooden beams or lob them out windows, the job is only complete once the client is saved.

The cartoon style of this game mixed with the humor of its strange world makes for a perfect simulation game to relax in. Get ready to rescue clients in the wackiest of situations.

Embr – The Uber of Firefighting has launched into Early Access. The game is being sold on Steam for $19.99 with a special 20% discount active until May 28.