The Co-Op Shooter Deep Rock Galactic Is Officially Launching On May 13th Via Steam

The Co-Op Shooter Deep Rock Galactic Is Officially Launching On May 13th Via Steam
Credit: XboxViewTV via YouTube

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op first person shooter from the developer Ghost Ship Games. It has now been in Early Access on Steam for a couple of years now. In that time, players have enjoyed the destructible environments and the procedurally-generated design. Both elements give rise to so many unique moments that you’ll want to come back for time and time again.

Fans of the game can rejoice as it’s officially launching on May 13th. Just a couple of more weeks before fans can enjoy the full version with additional features and content. There are a lot of new things players can look forward to at launch. These include redesigned game modes, all-new enemies, improved biomes, and of course, awesome weapons.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Deep Rock Galactic in Early Access, it really is a fun experience. You get to play with a group of friends as space dwarves, who’re searching the galaxy for precious resources. To get to them, though, you’ll have to dig down deep into endless cave systems. As mentioned earlier, they have a procedurally-generated design. That means each time you play this game, the layout of the caves are different. That gives you a lot of fresh content and obstacles to overcome.

All the while, there are formidable creatures hidden deep within these taverns. You and your teammates will have to stay on guard for pending attacks. The further you get, the more terrifying the monsters become. Don’t worry. The developer didn’t leave you hanging. There are actually quite a bit of weapons you’ll be able to use when fighting off waves of enemies. Some of the most notable include rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and Gatling guns. Each one has a different system that you’ll have the pleasure of mastering after a couple of tense encounters.

Deep Rock Galactic is also amazing in terms of its co-op design. A lot of critical thinking and collaboration are required to come out of these tunnels unfazed. If you band together and complete your assigned role as intended, then there just might be some hope for your team of space dwarves. It’s great to see light at the end of the tunnel for this unique and fun FPS. Hopefully when it releases this May, the launch is smooth and gives a whole new crop of fans the chance to experience epic creature-slaying with a unique twist.