Blizzard Applies Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft: Classic To Address Dragons Of Nightmare Spawn

Blizzard Applies Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft: Classic To Address Dragons Of Nightmare Spawn
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Games as huge as World of Warcraft need near-constant maintenance to ensure that everything stays running properly, and Blizzard’s latest patch to the Classic client is there to do just that. With the recent major additions of content like the Emerald Dragons of Nightmare, there’s a great amount of content floating around that still needs tweaking.

Classic has been having a hard time lately, with the developers searching for fixes to the rampant issue with queue times to log in. In an effort to fight this, they reintroduced phasing to the title, which has been an incredibly unpopular – though seemingly effective – decision. Many players are agitated as the reintroduction reverts on Blizzard’s promise to ensure the game stayed as similar as possible to the original Vanilla launch of World of Warcraft, while plenty of others are just content to be able to play the game.

This recent patch comes with a few fixes targeting the game directly rather than the servers or queue times, though. There are five simple fixes coming to address a few issues for the player base:

In the Americas region, battleground holidays will now begin at the same time for all realms regardless of timezone. Specifically, US-East realms will begin their holiday three hours later (ending it three hours later as well) to be synchronized with US-West.

“While this is a change to how Original WoW worked, with battlegrounds of realms including only realms that were in the same time zone,” the developers note in their patch, “it allows us to treat US-East and US-West realms as a single battlegroup for the purposes of matchmaking.”

Players will now also be able to restore deleted characters on locked realms, which was previously an unavailable option to help keep the population on locked realms down. However, the character still must be applicable for restoration.

Blizzard has also fixed a bug that was causing the Dragons of Nightmare to spawn incorrectly. Previously, all four may fail to spawn, but this new fix should have them set to spawn as intended.

The final two changes target enchantments. Many item enchantments will now stack with items that provide an identical buff, helping add a bit more power to enchantments. Additionally, many item enchantments that previously took up a hidden buff slot will no longer consume that hidden buff slot.

And those are the changes coming to Classic with this latest set of hotfixes! Blizzard is working towards getting the population in check still, but it’s nice to know that they aren’t letting the rest of the issues go unfixed as they do so.