What Can You Expect From World Of Warcraft: Classic’s New Emerald Dragons Of Nightmare?

What Can You Expect From World Of Warcraft: Classic’s New Emerald Dragons Of Nightmare?
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft has had a lot of raids over the years, including a great number of “world bosses,” which are raid bosses that spawn out in the world rather than within a raid. Lorewise, these sorts of enemies serve as a fantastic way to make the world feel alive, with incredibly powerful threats lurking in the world instead of behind the gates of whatever raid you might be about to do.

Blizzard has added in some legendary world bosses to World of Warcraft: Classic, the famed Emerald Dragons of Nightmare. These world bosses are Green dragons that were corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare and are now loose in the world, guarding portals between the material plane and the druidic plane of the Emerald Dream. We mentioned them in passing in our discussion of Phase 4, but given how important they are to endgame, it’s important to go over each one and what you should expect as you plan to take them down!

These bosses are in no particular order. While they spawn at the same time as each other and in four pre-set spots, there’s no telling which will spawn where without going and checking.

The first Emerald Dragon is Emeriss, who focuses on poisoning her opponents. Their specific abilities include Spore Cloud, which causes players to turn into a poisonous mushroom on death, dealing massive damage to the living adventurers. They also cause Volatile Infection, which deals heavy nature damage to the infected and to any allies nearby. At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, Emeriss will also cast Corruption of the Earth, which deals 20% health reduction to every member of the raid every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, causing anyone who isn’t healed to die.

Second is Lethon, who has fewer abilities to worry about but is still incredibly dangerous. Lethon casts Shadow Bolt Whirl, which causes him to fire four sets of shadow bolts alternating between his either side of him, dealing 800-1200 damage. At 25% health intervals (same as Emeriss), Lethon will also cast Draw Spirit, which stuns everyone within 100 yards for 5 seconds, deals damage, and causes a shade to walk from each player to Lethon. If the shades make it to the dragon, he heals for a significant amount, which can easily cause the fight to turn.

Third is Taerar, who can cast the single-target spell Arcane Blast for heavy arcane damage. He also has Bellowing Roar, which fears all targets within 30 yards every 30 seconds. At 25% intervals, Taerar banishes himself, making him immune to everything and summoning three shades. Each shade has a weaker version of his breath and deals poison damage in an aura.

The final dragon is Ysondre, who focuses on nature damage similar to Emeriss. Ysondre can cast Lightning Wave, which works as a chain lightning spell, dealing more damage with each successive hit. At 25% health intervals, Ysondre summons Demented Druid spirits against every member of the raid. These have 2500 health and can cast Moonfire and Silence, as well as Curse of Thorns, which causes players to hurt themselves when attacking an enemy.

And those are the four Emerald Dragons of Nightmare! They’re incredibly different world bosses that will challenge you as much as anything you find in a raid. Stock up on some nature resistant gear and organize a raid, because you’re gonna need some help for these bosses.