Minecraft Mobs Explored: Enderman, And How To Defeat/Avoid Them!

Minecraft Mobs Explored: Enderman, And How To Defeat/Avoid Them!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft’s Enderman is a very mysterious creature, tall, black and mostly neutral mobs that primarily stay away from both players and other mobs alike.

To facilitate this distance, the Enderman are able to teleport and also feature the ability to pick up placed blocks.

The Enderman species is seemingly from the dimension called The End, which is currently controlled by the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon may control The End, The Ender Dragon doesn’t seemingly care for the Enderman and will harm them if it also harms the player.

The Endermen are able to spawn at light level 7 or less, another additional requirement for the Enderman spawning is the need for at least three empty spaces above. The Enderman is able to spawn in any dimension, this includes the Overworld, the Nether and the End.

In the Overworld, The Enderman is able to spawn uncommonly on land and in caves in up to packs of two. While in the Nether, The Enderman can spawn in up to three biomes.

The three biomes include the Nether Wastes and Soul Sand Valleys, where they spawn very infrequently, and in the Warped Forests were they spawn frequently and are abundant. In the End, Endermen spawn frequently and spawn in packs of up to four while on the end islands.

The Endermen are the only mob which are able to pick up blocks that are placed. The Endermen are able to pick up blocks in a 4 x 4 x 3 region and one side effect of this pickup block area, is that Endermen are completely unable to pick up blocks in completely flat area plane. Unlike other monsters that picked up items, Endermen that picked up blocks can despawn.

When the Endermen are agitated, the mouth opens and the Endermen actively goes for the player. The attack strength of the Endermen changes depending on the difficulty setting of the game.

When on Easy, the Endermen’s attack strength is four hearts. When set to Normal, the Endermen’s strength increases to seven hearts, and when the game is set to the hardest difficulty, the attack strength is up to 10 hearts.

No matter the changes in difficulty, the Endermen’s health points stay exactly the same at 40 health points.

When killed the Endermen drops, The Enderman can potentially drop an Ender Pearl, five experience points when killed by a player or a tamed wolf. If the Enderman is killed while holding a block, they will drop that block as an item.