Muse Games’ Comedic Firefighting Multiplayer Game Embr Launches On PC

Muse Games’ Comedic Firefighting Multiplayer Game Embr Launches On PC
Credit: Embr via Steam

Publisher Curve Digital and developer Muse Games have announced the official launch of their latest game Embr for PC. The frantic firefighting game with a humorous twist will first enter Early Access on Steam and Google Stadia before their full release.

Embr is a fictional look at the gig economy. Anyone who has a phone nearby can answer the call to put out a fire. Their success, or failure, is up to the player.

Players can enjoy Embr either solo or co-op online multiplayer. Firefighters have to tackle blazes successfully to achieve as many stars as possible. The higher the rating, the higher the tips. Plus, word will spread quickly about higher ranking firefighters who are reliable.

Fires and other issues can be solved in multiple ways. Players can accept various missions in the fictional city to increase their experience. Not every puzzle is solved in a linea fashion, and players can have fun with each hectic mission.

As players earn more experience and tips, they can begin to level up their equipment. All of the tools are upgradable. With more funds, firefighters can lease better vehicles and fire trucks to take them to job sites faster.

Improving skills is vital, especially since another large company, Hosr, is trying to become a monolith in the firefighting industry. If players want to compete against Hosr, they’ll have to work together, plan their moves before jumping into the fighter, and also learn about the complex systems structure integrity along with water, gas, and electricity utilities.

The team lead at Muse Games, Howard Tsao, shared his thoughts on the upcoming game. He stressed that players could have fun while they’re performing at their best and their worst.

Embr is certainly not your everyday take on firefighting. The whole idea behind Embr is to cast a comedic light on just what madness would occur if the untrained masses headed out with a hose and tried to put out fires in the same way people deliver take-out or ferry folk around in makeshift taxis. Turns out it’d be just as magnificently manic as it sounds. It just makes you appreciate what a difficult and almost impossible job real-life firefighters do.

Embr is further brought to life by the CORSAIR iCue software on PC. As players enjoy Embr, certain events trigger dynamic RGB lighting effects on compatible components.

Embr is expected to stay in Early Access for 12 months with plans to add 2-3 times more content. As of now, the game is limited, with around 2-3 hours of gameplay, and one residential asset set to test the game.

Embr is now available on Early Access on Steam and Google Stadia on May 21.