Dying Light 2 Now Doesn’t Have A Release Window; Techland Will Share More Details In The Coming Months

Dying Light 2 Now Doesn’t Have A Release Window; Techland Will Share More Details In The Coming Months
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Delays happen all the time in the gaming industry. Developers do their best to meet tight deadlines set by publishers, but things don’t always go as planned. Setbacks occur and highly anticipated games get pushed back. Gamers have almost come to expect them with every major AAA title. And yet, it still leaves a taste of dissatisfaction in their mouths.

This just happened with Techland’s Dying Light 2, an open-world zombie game featuring parkour moving mechanics. Fans have waited quite a while for this sequel. The original came out five years ago. It was received with positive praise for its movement and combat system. These elements certainly helped it stand out in a space that has been dominated by the Resident Evil series.

The sequel was originally set to release this Spring, but that window seems a little too tight for Techland. They broke the news via their official Twitter page, where they expressed their deepest apologies for not being able to deliver this game on a time frame that was originally planned. According to Techland, it needs more time creating a complete vision that they know their fans deserve.

It is worth mentioning, though, that Techland did not provide a new time frame for the release. Instead, it’s now pending. Is this a cause for concern or is Techland just giving themselves some breathing room without making promises to fans that they can’t keep? That remains to be seen, but it is a little worrying that an updated release date was not provided.

Normally, when a game of this caliber suffers a delay, the developer takes this time to reassure fans with another window. It gives them some light at the end of the tunnel and helps appease any worry they may have. That’s not the approach Techland is taking. Rather, they said they will give the community updates in the coming months.

That could be February, March, or even sometime late summer. Fans who’ve waited to get their hands on Dying Light 2 are not too keen on waiting forever. Hopefully, Techland takes this time to iron out issues that still are present as to give us the best zombie experience we’ve had in a long time. They have the potential to do some great things based on the successful recipe found in the original. Now, they just need to execute. An update on a release date wouldn’t hurt either.