Vermintide 2 Is Adding A Highly Requested And Convenient In-Game Store

Vermintide 2 Is Adding A Highly Requested And Convenient In-Game Store
Credit: Fatshark via YouTube

If you enjoy melee-based combat, you’ve probably had the pleasure of checking out Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It excels in this combat department, featuring first-person action that really immerses you in every battle. It’s rare that a game matches the intense combat featured in this title.

Timing enemy attacks and landing a brutal blow yourself just feels so satisfying. The developer — Fatshark — knew what they were doing when giving this game a unique gameplay identify. Vermintide 2 has now been out for almost two years, and yet, it has not received an in-game store. That appears to be changing according to Fatshark, though.

For the longest time, players had to just hope they would get good items after every battle. As you might have guessed, this loot system has been pretty hit or miss for most players. Having the ability to buy whatever items you want, at any time, sounds like a recipe for success. It should make Vermintide 2 that much better of a game, in fact.

With this great news comes speculation from the community. Will the in-game store have items that are outrageously priced? This has happened to a lot of games as of late and it definitely hurts players’ experiences. Some games would charge insane amounts of money for simple items like a colored shirt or shield. It’s pretty safe to assume Vermintide fans are hoping these types of transactions don’t rear their ugly head in a game that has done such a good job at providing stellar experiences thus far.

Weighing in on the matter recently was Martin Wahlund, the CEO of Fatshark. Based on his sentiments, the developer just wants to make cosmetic collection easier for players. Rather than just haphazardly taking down enemies with the potential of collecting a certain cosmetic item, Wahlund wants to give players a user-friendly system. They can see exactly how much a particular item is and add it to their character.

This upfront policy should be received well within the Vermintide 2 community. Players will now be able to deck out their character however they please so long as they have the funds. This system just adds so much personalization to the game, and that should make co-op experiences all the better. You’ll get to go around matches seeing what your friends have picked up from the in-game store.

What’s also good news for fans is the currency system for the store will be simple. You can just use earnings that you acquire from quests. That’s it.