My Nintendo App Launches In Japan And Allows Players To Watch Nintendo Directs And More

My Nintendo App Launches In Japan And Allows Players To Watch Nintendo Directs And More
Credit: My Nintendo via App Store

Nintendo fans in Japan recently received a brand-new mobile app that will let them organize all of their account information and interact with the company. The app is available on the App Store and Play Store.

The My Nintendo app is different from the Nintendo Switch Online app. The Nintendo Switch app only lists content related to that console, while My Nintendo combines content from multiple consoles from the country.

While the My Nintendo app is only available in Japan in the Japanese language, players interested in the new software can view screenshots and other data on the mobile app stores.

Players have to download and install the app, then login with their Nintendo Account. For users with a WiiU or 3DS system, players will need to link their Nintendo Network ID to incorporate information for older devices.

Once the link has been established, players can view their played game history for the WiiU and 3DS. All of the games are listed in a grid or list so players can quickly view their library of previously played titles. Players can review their playtimes according to console, recently played, or first played.

Those who keep their Wishlists updated can receive a notification of when their favorite titles are on sale or available. From there, players can make purchases through the app to buy either games or other Nintendo-related merchandise. Some of these products are exclusive to the app.

The result also has a QR Code system for players who visit Nintendo stores in person. Players can log in when attending events for rewards and other bonuses. This also works for accounts created for children.

Players can also use the app to stay up-to-date with the latest Nintendo news. Players can check on the newest titles, live events, new products, and more. Players can also watch past and present Nintendo Direct.

The My Nintendo app is free and is a 61.1 MB download. Due to the nature of the app, it’s required to use it online, either with wi-fi or cell data. The app is compatible with phones and tablets. Unfortunately, the app is not available for download outside Japan, but the app store pages are accessible.

It’s unknown if Nintendo plans to release the app outside of Japan.