Infinite Lagrange Is A New Sci-Fi Grand Space Sim Game Headed To PC and Mobile

Infinite Lagrange Is A New Sci-Fi Grand Space Sim Game Headed To PC and Mobile
Credit: NetEase Games

From China-based developer NetEase Games comes a sci-fi simulation experience. Players can immerse themselves in the future where large-scale space battles are common and the universe is unexplored. Enjoy 3D graphics on mobile devices that exceed most player’s expectations.

The game has opened up the opportunity for pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play. While it is planning to launch in EU on April 21, more regions are expected to be available in the near future. Interested fans can learn more on the official website regarding future expansions.

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In Infinite Lagrange players enter a future setting where scientists have discovered a time-space singularity. They have dubbed this singularity as a “Lagrange Node” and it allows for the construction of stargates across countless galaxies. This creates the Lagrange Network.

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After humanity has spread across countless stars rapidly and aggressively, a new war has sparked across the entire network. The universe is under assault and the network has been shattered into pieces.

Players start as a small ship but with the help of their skills, they can build a base, gain more facilities, and slowly grow more powerful. This unique title is a space expansion experience as players build a variety of ships with realistic designs and styles.

Each ship has its own weapons, armor systems, and more allowing players to personalize their vessels. Progress further into the game to unlock specialized ships that can be used in specific scenarios.

The overall goal is to build invincible fleets of thousands of ships. While players may start with a humble beginning of three ships, by grouping with friends they can muster a larger force. Combine fleets for a massive military strength as you wage war and take down cities in a massive space experience.

The game is scheduled to launch on April 21 in Europe for PC and mobile devices. Otherwise, interested fans can pre-register for the game ahead of time. As the community grows, the game will become available in more regions throughout the year.

This game is a mobile strategy title that is appropriate for all ages. It is advised that player understand tactical games so leaving this to 10+ audiences may be needed. Otherwise, the game holds nothing that is offensive but online chat and interactions can not be rated.

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Infinite Lagrange is set to release on April 21 this year. For more information feel free to explore the developer’s website and associated social media accounts.