Big Fiasco: Anthem Fails To Take Down Its In-Game Christmas Decorations And It’s Already February

Big Fiasco: Anthem Fails To Take Down Its In-Game Christmas Decorations And It’s Already February

In perhaps one of the greatest video game blunders of all time, it has been revealed by an anonymous inside source that Anthem has still not taken down their in-game Christmas decorations. If you are just now emerging from a video game binge of unprecedented proportions, let me illuminate the situation for you: It is February. In fact, it’s a week into February. You tell me what’s going on here.

In other news, the source said the developers behind Anthem were even refusing to remove the Christmas decorations. All of this putting a whole new spin on the war on Christmas narrative we here so often put out by the mainstream media, and it makes all of us wonder just what is going on over there. If video gamers can’t have the luxury of going out and enjoying their favorite game, then what exactly is going to happen next? Well, keep reading to find out.

If you know anything about the game we all know as “Anthem,” then you know only one word can be used to describe this powerful phenomenon of a game: Jetpacks. That’s right. This is the game of jetpack play, and it was one of the reasons why so many folks were more than happy to adopt it to get in there and wreak some havoc.

Now, close your eyes for just a moment (figuratively speaking because you still need to read this), and just imagine a jetpack that is shooting out a stream of Christmas colors. In fact, imagine a jetpack that is shaped a bit like a Christmas tree. Doesn’t this all seem a bit ridiculous? Well, it should because that is exactly what is going on here (not actually, of course, because that would be ridiculous).

Anyway, the simple fact of the matter is the developers behind Anthem are straight out refusing to do their constitutional duties and remove all of these Christmas decorations.

It makes you wonder, if, for example, someone was to say “Happy Holidays” in the world-famous MMO first-person shooter game with jetpacks, if they were to say this, what would the consequences be? This is no joke here. This is an unprecedented move in the little thing we like to call “The Overton Window,” and it tells exactly where the developers and on this whole Christmas thing.

Nevertheless, Anthem is by far one of the most enjoyable games around, and it incredibly difficult to imagine any of this will impact their sales anytime soon. If this turns out to be you, well, enjoy it while it lasts, bucko.