The Action-Adventure Game Below Now Has A New Explore Mode As Reported In PlayStation Announcement Trailer

The Action-Adventure Game Below Now Has A New Explore Mode As Reported In PlayStation Announcement Trailer
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Below is an action-adventure game developed by Capybara Games. It made its debut back in 2018 and was well received for its roguelike elements. For the longest time, it was an Xbox exclusive. It was then ported over to Steam. Now, after a year of being out, it’s making its way to the PS4.

The news was confirmed in an announcement trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It will be available in the spring. That’s not all. A new mode is coming with this PS4 release called Explore. So what is this mode and does it make Below a better game? Let’s take a look.

First off, it’s worth mentioning that Below is pretty difficult. A reason for this is the hunger and thirst meters you have to constantly account for. If you don’t, your character will perish. Juggling them along with other mechanics can prove difficult.

Fortunately, the Explore mode is removing these meters completely. Additionally, instant kills are being removed as well as permanent checkpoints. That should make moving about the various stages a much more forgiving experience. You won’t have to worry about your progression as much. Rather, you can just enjoy the game’s visuals and mechanics for what they are.

Explore seems like the perfect mode to start out with should you decide to pick up this game on the PS4. Then, once you’re feeling a little more confident in your abilities, you can switch on over to a regular playthrough. You’ll still need to be very attentive of the obstacles and enemies that come your way.

Aside from Below’s more difficult nature, it really is a great action-adventure game. You’ll have the pleasure of moving about a subterranean underworld. It gives this game a very moody aesthetic and tone, which you’ll probably notice right when you start playing. There are endless labyrinths to explore and you’ll be doing a lot of back-tracking.

Death is a regular occurrence in Below, but after a series of failed attempts, you’ll see the bigger picture. Even if you don’t, the game has a lot of fun moments. The graphics have a lot of character and there are so many questions that will keep you coming back time and time again.

It’s great to see Below now being offered on the PS4. The new mode will certainly be a handy resource to take advantage of if you’re not familiar with this title.