Unmemory Is A New Mobile Mystery Adventure For Interactive Novel Fans Set To Release Next Month

Unmemory Is A New Mobile Mystery Adventure For Interactive Novel Fans Set To Release Next Month
Credit: Steam XO

Enter the world of detective work as you enjoy a unique visual novel experience. This title is intended to be mainly a mobile release but PC fans may be able to find it once it releases on SteamUnmemory will take players into a text-based adventure with an immersive undertone of mystery and murder.

Enter a murder case from the 90s as you play as the main character with a rare memory disorder. Only be cracking the case through notes, images, recordings, and interviews can he hope to solve the investigation. Solve puzzles, keep an eye out for clues, and enjoy a unique view into the world of detective work.

Unmemory is more than just murder and mystery. Players will get to explore 8 different chapters in a unique visual novel as they explore music pain, touch, taste, places, and smells all used to bring back memories. This game combines a unique memory loss illness with the perfect tools to jog your memory.

This game is built like a book so players can always interact as long as they can read.  Think of this as a readable game, similar to traditional text adventures but much deeper.

Watch as Unmemory blurs the line between literature and play as they take the best parts of both experiences and combine it into one unique title.

The written word heightens the imagination while the game mechanics offer interactive elements for players to become part of the story.

This is the story of a detective on the search for the man who murdered his girlfriend. Not only is this a difficult case, but his memory loss makes things much more difficult. As fans slowly uncover the truth, they will find that things may not be as clear and easy as they seem.

This is a great chance for mystery fans to test their skills. Experience the feelings of the protagonists and the driving nature of this evolving narrative. There is a crime to be solv3ed and only skilled players will be able to discover the truth.

The game comes loaded with 5 hours of gameplay, and an original soundtrack, and two language options. Fans should check out the game’s Steam page for more information on this unique title.

Unmemory is set to release in 2020 but no official date has been revealed as of yet. Expect this title to launch onto PC, iOS and Android systems to each unique audience.