Cyberpunkdreams Has Announced A Free Beta For Its Text-Based Cyberpunk RPG Adventure

Cyberpunkdreams Has Announced A Free Beta For Its Text-Based Cyberpunk RPG Adventure
Credit: Late Night Games via Youtube

A new text-based adventure game is inviting players to an open beta in a cyberpunk world. Cyberpunkdreams has a debut trailer along with a beta sign-up wait-list. Take your first words into a new universe filled with a deep story and a singular objective.

After a successful kickstart helped launch the short fiction collection cyberpunkdreams: Cincinnati stories. This is a game experience will introduce players to a dystopian interactive universe. This world is not so different from your own, only in the future, and filled with cyberpunk intrigue.

Prepare to enter the heart of an evolving story with over 1.5 million words ready to unfold in front of you. This game has a core story built-in with new stories planned each month to extend the world. In-game events and will add even more features to fans to enjoy.

This title has been in development since 2013 ever-evolving for this beta release. A massive community has worked on this title. With the help of dedicated fans the word count continued to grow as the story continued to spin.

This game will put in the place of a lone wanderer sent to the gates of Cincinnati in the year 2092. Your memories are gone and all you have is a weapon on your hip and a mission on your mind.

This is a living evolving world that changes with every decision. There is something around every corner waiting for fans to discover as the game continues to change.

This a simple and unique cyberpunk reality. Feel familiar settings mixed with a futuristic tone that is not too far from reality. As you explore the world you will find tropes from genre experts mixed with aspects from the real world giving the game a believable feel.

Evolve abilities through actions. Your choice impacts everything around you and each decision can evolve on its own status. Everything changes as you react to alliances, give mercy to threatening enemies, and experience life in a thrilling way.

Augment upgrade, customize, and reinvent yourself into this cyberpunk world. From your weapons to equipment become whoever you want to be in this unique cyberpunk universe.

Players who want to sign up for the cyberpunkdreams beta can do so on the game’s main website. Do keep in mind that the final version of this game will include microtransactions for additional stories. Enjoy a chance to experience a new style of text-based adventure as you enter this unique cyberpunk world.