The Hyper-Realistic Skateboarding Game Skater XL Is Coming To The PS4 This July

The Hyper-Realistic Skateboarding Game Skater XL Is Coming To The PS4 This July
Credit: Nightspeeds via YouTube

There have been a lot of great skateboarding games over the years. Obviously, the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series put the genre on the map. Others have carried the mantle, with Skate probably being the most realistic version of skateboarding simulation. Now there’s Skater XL. It’s taking the skateboarding genre to new heights in terms of immersion and authentic controls.

For the longest time now, it has been in Early Access on Steam. Finally, though, it’s about to release on the PlayStation 4 and other consoles. The PS4 release time frame was just given in a recent trailer, in fact. July seems to be like the target date so long as the coronavirus doesn’t cause Easy Day Studious major delays.

If you’re a PS4 user and enjoy skateboarding games, you’re probably stoked to get in on the amazing action that PC gamers have already enjoyed. Skater XL is shaping up to be one of the more unique and intricate skateboarding games to date.

It’s showing a lot of promise with its stick controls, particularly. You have to control both sticks to perform off a successful maneuver. Timing, flick precision, and aim all count when performing even the most basic of maneuvers. Instead of just smashing a button and pulling off surreal moves, Skater XL requires you to learn and grow each time you play.

There is immense satisfaction pulling off a trick you’ve been trying to land after hours of failed attempts. It’s the same feeling you have when skateboarding in real life. It’s incredible that Easy Day Studious was able to achieve such a realistic experience in a video game. It’s the reason why many have flocked to Skater XL ever since the beginning.

In addition to the realistic moves and skating mechanics, Skater XL also will be featuring real-life professional skateboards that you can play as. A list was just announced from the developer, which includes Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate, Tom Asta, and Evan Smith. Each one of these pros has signature moves that you’ll be able to pull off.

Or, you can just hit the streets with your own created character. You’ll have the chance to shred iconic spots that have been featured in magazines like Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding. The PS4 release is still a couple of months away, but already, Skater XL is showing a ton of potential. It could shape the landscape of skateboarding games from here on out, in fact.