Week 9, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin

Week 9, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

LEC ‘s week 9 decided the destiny of many teams.

While some teams failed to adapt to the online environment, most of them adapted to the online environment quite well.

Rogue vs SK Gaming

Maokai / Sejuani / Irelia / Aphelios / Sett vs Gangplank / Lee sin / Le’Blanc / Varus / Thresh

SK Gaming turned it around towards the last week of LEC. They managed to snatch up a win against a top four team and sent them to the loser’s bracket for playoffs. The team performed really well and focused on crucial objectives to secure gold advantages.

Misfits Gaming vs Vitality

Sett / Sejuani / Azir / Ezreal / Nautilus vs Renekton / Gragas / Viktor / Miss Fortune / Braum

Misfits Gaming look much weaker compared to their start of the season. Going into the playoffs they need to be extremely careful if they want to win.

G2 Esports vs Schalke 04

Kalista / Rek’sai / Akali / Senna / Galio vs Jayce / Lee sin / Azir / Ziggs / Nautilus

G2 Esports got revenge on Schalke after they lost to them earlier on in the split. Schalke subbed in another ADC after Forg1ven left the squad and improved drastically but it’s too late to turn it around.

Excel Esports vs  Origen

Rumble / Pantheon / Corki / Aphelios / Tahm vs Renekton / Karthus / Sylas / Ezreal / Rakan

Origen look in form for playoffs, Nukeduck played a mean Sylas with whom he has carried the game away from Excel. Excel had a good start of the season but drifted away and looked really poor in the second round of the spring split. Origen should be able to get at least in semifinals in playoffs with this improved form.

Fnatic vs MAD Lions

Sett / Olaf / Syndra / Xayah / Rakan vs Aatrox / Gragas / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Thresh

Fnatic went to town this game vs MAD Lions to secure their win near the playoffs. Everyone was on point this game. Fnatic denied MAD Lions chances to secure any advantages. MAD Lions were only able to pick up two towers and nothing else. Fnatic picked up 4 dragons, 1 rift herald and 1 baron. With these objectives, they were able to push into the base of MAD Lions without issues.

MAD Lions while losing this game should not dishearten, they are really good for being the first split in LEC. They stand good chances of pulling an upset in the playoffs if this plays continues. Carrzy is one of the most promising rookies in the League.

That is all for  Week 9, Day 1 coverage of LEC 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.