DOOM And DOOM II Updates With New Level Pack And More On Mobile And Nintendo Switch

DOOM And DOOM II Updates With New Level Pack And More On Mobile And Nintendo Switch
Credit: DOOM via Play Store

Bethesda has been rolling out updates for its mobile and Nintendo Switch release of DOOM and DOOM II. While many players are enjoying the most recent release, DOOM Eternal, others continue to enjoy the previous games.

The new updates include additional content and various improvements for the titles.

DOOM and DOOM II were added on the App Store and Play Store in July 2019 celebration of the series’ 25th Anniversary.

The new updates include audio fixes that match the original levels of the DOS release. Players can also adjust the levels in the settings.

Another major upgrade was adding Quick Load and Quick Save. These can be bound to a button to do at any time without pausing the intense gameplay.

There were also some general bug fixes, such as sound effects for weapons were overlapping. Some items are now visible on the automap as well, such as kills, items, and secrets.

Bethesda has added a bonus to sign up for a free account on their website. Once players sync their accounts, they’ll gain access to the “No End in Sight” Add-On that adds 30 new levels.

“2016’s No End in Sight drops you into some fresh Hell, straight from the minds of some incredible DOOM modding talent: Xaser, Emil Brundage and Chris Lutz. These three DOOM-heads were inspired by other well-known works like DOOM The Way id Did to create a devilishly deceptive and engaging four-episode arc that slowly erodes familiar flavors of DOOM II level design into a twisted labyrinthine set of maps. Are you ready for your run? Lace up and let’s go!” states the news summary from the Slayers’ Club news page.

The full list of patch notes is now available on the Bethesda community forums.

This comes after a major update in January that fixed issues plus added more content. The update included fixing audio plus the overall lighting of the game. The game was also updated with 60 FPS support, plus options to change the aspect ratio, a level select mode, and support for free Add-Ons. The Add-Ons come with a warning to download and play at the player’s risk.

The updates for DOOM I and DOOM II are now available on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch.