Crystal Dynamics Provided A Little More Insight On Their Decisions With Combat Design In Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Provided A Little More Insight On Their Decisions With Combat Design In Marvel’s Avengers
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the more anticipated games of 2020. It’s taking the amazing superheros fans know and love and putting them in one of the better-looking video games in recent memory. We’ve finally seen some footage of actual gameplay, and it sure does look like everything we’ve hoped for.

Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow all look like amazing characters to play with. Each has unique attributes that for the most part, seem to be spot-on from what’s been shown in the movies and comic books. Going from the Hulk’s incredible super-strength to Black Widow’s amazing agility looks so good and fluid. The developers at Crystal Dynamics know exactly what they’re doing with this action-adventure game.

They recently shared insights on their decision-making as far as this game’s combat and attributes go. According to their reports, every item you collect for the character you’re playing with will have a stat attached to it. Some items will be more rare than others, making it necessary to progress through the game to find better gear that leads to better powers.

It’s a pretty great design when you think about it. Making the Avengers unstoppable out of the gate wouldn’t make too much sense because then, there wouldn’t be much of a progression system. You would just be able to do whatever you please from the start, and then there wouldn’t be really much of a challenge.

Crystal Dynamics is making Marvel’s Avengers a game that’s reliant on the higher-end gear, especially when it comes to taking down high-level enemies. Each superhero will constantly need to get better items, whether you’re Iron Man or Captain America.

Crystal Dynamics also shared a reason behind the success of their combat designs. They’ve brought on Vince Napoli. You might remember his work in God of War 4, one of the best games in 2018. Thanks to his efforts, the combat reflects each character’s powers that they’ve been featured with ever since the beginning. The combat designs don’t feel unbalanced, either. Every superhero has a shining aspect that you’ll get to delve deeper into the farther you get in this game.

Another reason for this balanced feel is the bevvy of studio teams working on crunching the numbers for each character’s stats. They’re refining the system and making sure each combat sequence plays out like it should based on the variables at play. That’s a good indication of an amazing, detailed Marvel experience.