Become Your Own Boy Or Girl Wizard In Witchbrook, The New Magic School Simulator From Stardew Valley Publisher Chucklefish

Become Your Own Boy Or Girl Wizard In Witchbrook, The New Magic School Simulator From Stardew Valley Publisher Chucklefish
Credit: Stardew Valley via Steam

You’re a wizard, Larry. Witchbrook, the new game from Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish, has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but it’s hard to hear the term “magic school” without thinking of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Boy Who Lived has quite the monopoly, as it turns out.

Perhaps Chucklefish will be able to change that once and for all, wrangling the concept of education in magic away from Hogwarts and opening the door for others to tackle the concept. Witchbrook is a little bit Stardew Valley, and yes, a little bit Harry Potter. While there’s no gameplay footage just yet, it bears a huge resemblance to Stardew Valley, so just watch that trailer and mentally replace the farming stuff with magic stuff.

Witchbrook can be considered an entry into the increasingly popular “life simulator” genre, though this particular life is spiced up with magic, potions, and the like. Players find themselves guiding a prospective witch or wizard through their magic education, which includes participating in school activities, socializing with other students, and of course taking a variety of magic courses.

There are plenty of side activities, like gardening (hey, focus on what you’re good at it), wizard dueling, stamp collecting, artifact hunting, potion brewing, and more. Players can also cook food in the traditional sense if they prefer to forego the whimsical and get their virtual hands dirty.

Players can expect challenging puzzles, seasonal experiences, and a day and night cycle, which should be familiar to players of Stardew Valley. There are also minigames, like broom racing, card games, and wizard chess. It doesn’t sound like Witchbrook players will have trouble finding something to do.

Of course, the primary focus of the game will be getting through school and becoming an effective magic user but, like Stardew Valley, Witchbrook will be more about the journey than the destination. Players will meet a vibrant cast of characters along the way, each helping to forge a unique and eventful school experience. It certainly sounds as if Chucklefish is looking to deliver another relaxed, involving narrative experience that’s less about gameplay mechanics and more about what the player gets out of the game.

There is currently zero release information regarding Witchbrook, so it’s unknown what platforms it’s coming to and when it will hit said platforms. It will almost definitely show up on Steam and its aesthetic style makes it an easy choice for Nintendo Switch, but time will tell.