Justice Sucks: Recharged Now Has A Demo On Steam

Justice Sucks: Recharged Now Has A Demo On Steam
Credit: Samurai Punk via YouTube

Vacuum cleaners are pretty standard household items. They do what they’re supposed to do: Clean surfaces to get rid of dirt and grime. But what if a vacuum turned into a killer robot and was out for blood and revenge?

That’s the premise in Justice Sucks: Recharged, a sequel to Roombo: First Blood. John Rambo would certainly have his hands full with the quirky little robot featured in the sequel.

There currently isn’t a release date out just yet, but what is available is a demo on Steam. It gives gamers a pretty good peak at the game’s funny writing, unique environments, and over-the-top destruction.

The setting takes place after the events in the first game. Your family has been attacked by the FamilyCorp elimination squad. On the brink of destruction, you find your way into a TV dimensional world that is filled to the brim in nostalgic 90s references.

You’ll go from open sandbox to open sandbox, taking down other robots and mastering your surroundings one step at a time. Each environment is different than the next and that’s great news if you grew up around the 90s. You’ll get to enjoy a lot of pop culture references that made this decade so iconic.

All the while, you’ll have a bevvy of ways to take down enemies that get in your path. You can use the environments to your advantage or send projectiles in every direction. There are no limits to the madness you can cause.

After a successful battle and your enemies lay on the ground, you can do what vacuums do best and suck up their body parts and blood for powers. You get to decide which skills you unlock depending on the playstyle you like most.

The overall goal is to find out who murdered your innocent family and get justice once in for all. There aren’t too many games out like Justice Sucks: Recharged right now. It looks like a unique premise, much like that found in the original. The developer also seems to have made a lot of improvements in this sequel with the graphics and overall gameplay.

If you’re looking for something to do as a vacuum — whether it’s killing or cleaning — then Justice Sucks: Recharged demo seems like just the ticket for you. Just be ready to go through an amazing 90s multiverse where anything is possible as a tiny vacuum robot.