The Sims Spark’d Reality TV Show Competition Featuring Real-Life YouTubers And Streamers Debuts

The Sims Spark’d Reality TV Show Competition Featuring Real-Life YouTubers And Streamers Debuts
Credit: The Sims Sparkd Official Website

The Sims team continues to create new content for a game that replicates life, with a twist. The Sims first launched in 2000 on the PC, but has since released multiple sequels, spin-offs, and inspired custom creators for decades.

Years ago, there were rumors that EA was planning a real-life movie based on the series. While many create families and play through generations, the series has some hidden lore within. While EA hasn’t released any news concerning a movie, the company did reveal another live-action show: The Sims Spark’d.

The Sims Spark’d brings together some well-known The Sims players from YouTube and Twitch, such as Plumbella and The English Simmer, in a new reality show. The group of Simmers is given a theme to build around, and a panel of celebrity judges chooses the best one. Also part of the judge’s team is Dave Miotke, who has worked on the franchise for more than a decade. The winner will receive $100,000.

The show will only last for four episodes. New episodes air on TBS on Fridays and Saturdays, while the following Monday, the episodes are uploaded onto BuzzFeed’s “Multiplayer” YouTube channel.

The first show sorted the 12 contestants into four groups. Each challenge is around 45 minutes long. Simmers who often work alone had to work together to bring their creation to life. As with every reality show, there’s some drama as opinions clash as the clock ticks down.

The winning group’s entry is available on The Sims gallery for all players to download and enjoy. A second group was safe for the week, leaving two groups left in fear of being eliminated.

The Sims Spark’d website has additional challenges for The Sims players to particicpate in every week. The first challenge is “Destination Wedding” and is sorted between Stylist, Builder, and Storyteller. After players finish their challenge entry, they can submit them through The Sims gallery.

While the show’s content may not be for all gamers, Simmers are quite popular on YouTube and Twitch. Many players tune in to watch Simmers take on various challenges, such as “The Black Widow Challenge” or the “100 Baby Challenge.” Others are more interested in how Simmers use the tools within The Sims to create elaborate builds or remake real-life destinations.

The Sims Spark’d is currently listed as “Season One,” which means that the show may continue into different seasons depending on the ratings and community feedback.

The show will continue to release new episodes every Friday until August 7.